Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring time in Colorado

A friend from work posed for us two weeks ago. It was a nice change from our usual models
 Last Saturday i found a place on Plain View Dr. to paint this view looking north. the sun was coming and going. I had fun trying to capture one fleeting moment.
 Monday I painted some of the melting snow out in front of the house. At one point it started snowing  and pretty hard. you can see the water droplets on the oil paint.
 Weds. we had one of my favorite models. she is coming back this coming week, so I will have another three hours to work on this.
 Friday after work I set up in the back yard and painted these trees.
 today it rained all day. I set up my dinning canopy and caught some nice color.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

My weekly blog.... updated monthly

Wow! how time flies. So here are my paintings from the last month. 
Adam was our model in this painting. He took on this very interesting but somewhat difficult pose.

This is about the 4th time I have painted this view from Walker Ranch. It always turns out a little different.

From the pull out on 93 just South of Boulder.

A partly cloudy day  on our property In Coal Creek Canyon. The cloud shadows were slowly moving across the landscape.

Fun colors.

This is one of my favorite portraits to date.

Low in Boulder Canyon. I loved the light.

Hygiene Colorado. I've admired this house for sometime now. I finally got around to painting it.

These are some big rock slabs just to the west of Ncar.

One evening after work I pulled over low in Coal Creek Canyon, climbed up a bit and painted this view looking up canyon. The sunlight only lasted about two minutes.  I was determined to get it in my painting.

Yesterday I hiked/climbed up behind NCAR to a saddle just below Bear Peak. And caught this view to the north.