Thursday, July 7, 2016

Telluride Plein Air

I am extremely excited to announce that I have won Artist's Choice at this years Telluride Plein Air This is the big prize of the event. They will be using my painting to promote next years event, and I am automatically invited to next years Plein Air. I couldn't be happier!

This is the painting that won. It is 16x12 and sold at the awards ceremony.

My painting location.

Here is a 8x16 I painted on my way into town. Also sold at the sale.

One of my first mornings painting in town. 16x20. 

Wilson Peak 12x20 

Mega Bowl 9x12 Painted soon after sunrise. 

The Valley Floor 12x16 sold

Alley to Ingram 12x16

Cottonwoods on the valley floor 9x12 sold

Emma Shins through 16x20 sold 

Bridal Vale Falls 16x8

Tom Boy Affordable Housing 12x20 sold

Plein Air Evening 12x20

Before the parade 12x16
It goes without saying, this was one of the best weeks of my life! :)