Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Spring is here

Hello, Yesterday I painted with a group of artists in Loveland Colorado ton help promote the Governor's Art Show. An Auction was held in the afternoon. It was quite thrilling to have a bidding war for my painting "Traffic Lights, Tail Lights, Head Lights"

Last weekend I spent in New Mexico with family at my Aunt's. This is under the veranda.

On the way there, I stopped in Wagon Wheel, New Mexico. This town is a boarder line ghost town with old abandoned buildings lining the streets.
A couple of weeks ago I cruised around on my bike looking for things to paint. here is some nice light on fresh spring leaves along Boulder Creek.
Here is my set up for painting and riding. It is not that apparent in the photo, but that is a back pack leaning against my bike. I am hoping to do more riding, hiking to  painting spots this summer.

This one is off of Cherry Vale right where it crosses 36. I was drawn to the patterns made by the tractor mowing the grass.
This winter I painted this big studio piece. It is 15x60 and is one of 15 paintings showing at Rembrandt Yard at 1301 Spruce street in Boulder, Colorado. 

Here is a detail

First Presbyterian Church in Boulder. 

"High in the Canyon" 

Some early daffodils.

These next two are of the same tree on two different days.


And Lastly, a studio painting. I'd been admiring this scene this winter, but there was no place to set up and paint. so I settled for taking a picture and going straight home to paint while all the colors and values were fresh in my mind,