Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Mexico

I went to see my Aunt and Uncle in New Mexico over the holidays. While there  I got to do a little painting. We drove around a bit and found some beautiful lonely places. This is one I went back to yesterday afternoon to paint. It is larger than I have been working at 16x 13. I was surpprised that it fell together as quickly as a 8x10.

This is a little mono tone painting I did before I left town of a Christmas orniment a friend gave us years ago.
 On the way down to New Mexico, I pulled off of interstate 25 on exit 64 and painted this.
 Aunt Joyce and Uncle Darrell have a lot of cool stuff including ceramic sculptures of different kinds of animals. I was taken with this one of an elk and stayed up one night to paint this mono tone of it
  One day we went down to the Quarai ruins and I painted this. It was cold and windy which made for difficult painting. I had a lot of cleaning up to do on this one later that night.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Yesterday Debbie went for a bike ride. I on the other hand wanted to ski up to our secret stash and see if there was enough snow to be worth while going back on Christmas. As you might have guessed I put my painting kit in my pack just in case, and when I got up to this spot I thought why not? It was pretty cold and a little cumbersome painting with gloves on, but I did it. Then I realized I forgot a box to carry the painting back down to the car, so I had to hold the painting in one hand and my poles in the other to ski down. It was a little rough, but I made it. The painting actually didn't turn out this good. I worked on it a fare amount when I got home, from memory. I am pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out.  By the way, there is enough snow for some good skiing. We will go back tomorrow and on Christmas. I'll leave my paints at home.

I finished the angle this week as promised. I guess it turned out OK. It definitely was a great lesson in value.

 Today a few of us got together and painted portraits of this lovely young girl.
 Weds. night I painted this. I love the hat.
 Friday night I looked around for something to paint and came up with this.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Windy and cold pleinair

Yesterday Sharon and I braved the cold and wind to paint in Boulder canyon. This is the back side of Castle rock. We were both pretty cold by the end of two hours. A big gust of wind hit us right at the end which sprayed dirt and dust all over my painting. Who says painting can't be extreme?
Friday I approched one of my neighbors and asked if it was alright to paint on his property. He was very nice and said I was welcome on his land anytime
 Sat. I went onto his property and painted this. It is neat that I have more options at home for plein air.
 This is from Weds. night. It is quite a bit larger than I am use to working at 24x16 .
 I have been working on this painting for several days. It too is 24x 16. I wanted to see if I can work this big taking my time and still make it look as spontanious as a smaller painting I do in one sitting. I still have the angle to work on. It should be done in time for next weeks blog.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

fun with candles

Today Lilly came to Classical Art Academy to pose for a few of us. This is what I came up with.

 This past week I go interested in attempting to paint candle light. It was a great exercise in getting the values just right.
 Here's my little angle figurine again.
This of course is from Weds. night. I didn't have the energy to push this one very far Weds. night, so I just kind of let it be a rough sketch.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Etsy shop

I want to start out by mentioning my new Etsy shop where my paintings are available for purchase. Visit  to check it out. I will be adding more paintings soon.
Yesterday was my day to paint. It was a bit too windy to paint outside, so I found this spot in Boulder canyon parked my car on the side of the road and painted. It is always a bit frustrating painting in the car because I can't back up and take a look at how I'm doing, which I like to do often. I have to get out of the car and peer through the window, which is hard to do often. Still I think this turned out pretty good considering.

I painted this from memory earlier in the week. It is of our view at dusk. I actually like the colors.

The following evening I attempted to paint the same view from life. The light only last for a moment so I had to paint fast. I think I did this in about twenty minuets. Both of these paintings are smaller than I usually work at just 6x8 inches.

This is another from yesterday.I had about forty minuets before the sun went down. So, this is another done pretty fast.

I painted this Weds. night from our model. Some times they turn out good and other times they leave me a little unsatisfied like this one. Oh well.