Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fruits and Vetables

Here are some of my favorite paintings from the last two months. These first three I did over the Thanks  Giving  weekend.

I painted this from the front seat of my truck up on Gap road. I feel I have the painting in the truck thing down. I've got my kit set up so it's an easy set up and break down. Easier than setting up out side.
This might be my favorite of the batch!
Over Christmas I drove over to Monument Valley. I ended up getting sick, but still managed to get some painting done.
This is down south of Albuquerque at Bosque Del Apache. A big wildlife refuge.
I repainted this from the Bosque Del Apache painting. I thought I could do better with tha colors and values. 
Today I stayed home and did a bunch of small and quick paintingsof some fruits and vegetables. It was a really fun day!