Sunday, January 25, 2015

Staying in the Groove.

I have given up on painting every day I missed Thursday and today. It really doesn't matter. It is most important that I don't burn myself out. 
Here is my painting from Wed. The model wore this wonderful outfit along with some elaborate makeup. It made for a fun challenge.

 Earlier Wed. I went out to Saw hill ponds, one of my go to places.
 From Tue.
 Friday I came home tired after working all day. I thought I'd just do a quick still life since I was tired. I ended up staying up until 11:15pm working in these bell peppers.
 Sat. was cloudy and windy. I weighted my easel down and painted this scene on Mapleton Ave in Boulder. You can see the first FlatIron between the roof and the tree. This piece is 16x20 in size. That is a bit bigger than I an use to working. My dream is to paint larger and larger pleinair paintings.

Monday, January 19, 2015

painting in public places

I have been painting in public places in an attempt to get some exposure.
It has been fun getting some attention while I work. While architecture is fun to paint, I do miss
a more natural subject. This is the Boulder Cafe on the Pearl Street Mall. I hear it is closing in June.
 Weds. night produced a pretty nice Figure painting.
 I have been painting every day. Thur. night I had very limited time, so I whipped this one out in about 30 min.
 This is a painting of Nina's Flowers and gifts, where I show my paintings in Louisville.
 Here is another Pearl Street Mall painting.
 and another.
 Today I went down to the Santa Fe Arts district in Denver to scope out galleries. Of course I had to paint while I was there. There really wasn't very many people out at all.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

art from the last two weeks

Since my last post, I have been to New Mexico, Worked in my studio and drawn a figure study. I have made a new goal to draw or paint something every day for the foreseeable future.  Sorry I don't have the time or energy tonight to comment on each of these pieces. Still I hope you enjoy.