Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanks Giving Weekend

I Love Days off for holidays. I was able to get out quite a bit the last few days. It has been so frustrating this time of year now that it's dark when I get off of work. I really relish the daylight hours on these days off. This I painted Weds. after noon. I snuck out work to get an early start to the weekend and headed up Boulder Canyon. This is fairly close to Nederland.
This is from Thanks Giving morning. I painted this from inside my car up on the peak to peak just across from the Kelly Dal camping area. It was blowing pretty hard so painting out side was out of the question. The lake was mostly frozen. (just in case you couldn't tell from the painting.
 Yesterday, Debbie and I rode our bikes north out of Hygien. Before we started I was able to paint this of Longs and Meeker as viewed from Hygien. I only had about an hour and 15. I still think it turned out OK.
 This morming I took the dog over to Walker Ranch where I painted this looking down into Eldorado Canyon.
  This afternoon when I got home I saw this beautiful light in some trees on our property. S o I attempted to paint them. The sun was down in about an hour, so it was fun trying to remember the way it looked with the light.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

art sale

This week was a bit hectic, so I only have three paintings to show. This one I did Weds. night. I like the hat. It gives the picture some character.
 Yesterday I had my paintings in the Coal Creek Canyon holiday Art sale. To pass the time, I painted. The challenge as always was what to paint. There were all of these paper plates, plastic cups and forks, so I thought why not. I saw all of these subtle reds and blues so I didn't hesitate to put them in the painting.
 The lady next to me had some nick knacks to help spruce up her table, including these plastic flowers that made a good subject. Everyone seemed to like my paintings, and enjoyed watching me paint, but didn't buy anything. Oh well, I wasn't really expecting to sell. However, it was really good exposure. I had quite a few people take my card. A few asked about lessons. I may be contacted to give a demonstration at the local elementary school with pay. I think that could be fun and rewarding.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reflections and shadows

I don't know how well this is working. I thought it'd be fun to paint a little of the out side reflected through the window on my guitar. It turned into a real chore.

I felt pretty good Weds night when I did this.

This, I am very happy with. I wish I could come up with ideas like this more often. The knife was my Grandpa's. In fact he made it. Ingraved on the blade are the words "For Peace Only" I forgot that was there. Grandpa was cool.

This one's OK. It just doesn't have the drama the previous painting has.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

no plein airs

This is my God Daughter Arises. I painted this from a photo she gave us.
 You saw the under painting for this last week.
I re painted this from one I made last summer. I think it was easier the first time