Sunday, August 31, 2014

Today Sharon and I went up Jones pass. It started raining almost right away. I set up my canopy and we went for it anyway. In this painting I am attempting to show a little bit of sunshine showing through the rain.
 Yesterday morning I went out at dawn and whipped out this 8x10 in about 10min.
 This is from Weds night. The model is coming back this Weds and I will be working on this for another 3 hours. Hopefully it gets better and not worse.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Boulder Creek
 Backyard flowers
 Pine Colorado. I didn't get to finish this one.
 Buffalo Creek Colorado
 From a photo I took up near Devil's Thumb Pass
 Boulder Creek

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Quite a few this week

This one is from last Sunday morning and is about a 20 min painting.

 Cloud study.
 These next 2 are of the same spot. The first was a sunny afternoon and the light moved very fast. I was pretty much painting from memory for most of the session.

This second one was done on a cloudy after noon. these conditions were a little more managable.
 Monday after noon, I huddled down in some bushes where I thought I was safe from getting beaned by a disc and painted this at the local disc golf coarse.
 then I cruised over to the studio where my friend Ian was posing again for a portrait.
 Today, Debbie road up mt. Evans while I painted. This was done by the summit lake.
 And this one I painted jut below the summit at 14000 ft. the mountain in the back is Pikes Peak.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Here is a reminder of the opening tonight. Below see some of my paintings from the last two weeks.
Today I painted from the driveway. If this looks familier, it's because I have painted this view numerous times.

 This is from earlier this week. it is a very quick study from the top of my hill as the sun was going behind the mountain.
 This house is one I remodeled years ago. the clients are some of my favorites. It took 2, 2 hour sessions to paint and is on a 16x20 panel.
 My friend Ian posed for us 2 Wednsdays ago.
 Here we have a still life start. I may or may not paint on it more. I love being outside too much.