Monday, November 24, 2014

Pet Portraits

I thought I'd practice some pet portraits, and if they were any good, post an ad on Creigs list to see if I might be able to get some work. This is Leo, our dog we lost to cancer early this year.
 This is Prim our one and only pet at the moment.
 Saturday I took my paints skiing up to tree line at Butler Gulch. It was windy and cold, so I felt pretty good about being able to paint this, despite the elements.
 Weds I found this old farm house way out on Valmont east of Boulder.
 Tues. afternoon a few of us at the studio set up this still life.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cold Painting

I have been working on getting out in the cold to paint. I definitely takes a lot more work. If the sun is out, I have a prayer, a little wind or clouds and my hands start to freeze up. I think it was about 5* when I painted this.
 Friday a few of us hired a model for the whole day. It is way more comfortable painting inside this time of year.
 Sunday I ventured out again. I still need to figure out how to keep my hands warm without affecting my painting dexterity.
 This is the first attempt of an idea I have been thinking about. I painted the right third first for about 20 minutes. Then the middle third for 20 minutes, and then the left third for another 20. The idea is to catch how the light changes over time.
 Tuesday afternoon a few of us set up a still life.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Telluride and more

Well I missed last week and am late this week. But I do have a lot to share. I am not going to describe each one. It is enough to know that all of the landscapes are from a trip to Telluride I took this week end and the portraits, figure, and Still life are from live models at the studio. Take care.