Sunday, October 28, 2012

This weeks paintings

It snowed the other day and I really wanted to paint the snow. However I couldn't get myself to stand out in the wind and the cold. So I studied the colors very carefully and took some pictures. I painted this in my studio trying hard to remember the colors I saw and not just copying the photo. I think it turned out pretty good. This is, by the way, another painting of the view from our house.

These next two paintings are from today. Sharon and I went to a new place by Higene. I think it is called sunset lakes.

This is from a photo of my friend Chris. I plan on putting some color on this week.

I did this in figure this week. I really wish I would have noticed that his head was too small in class instead of noticing it the next day.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Still lifes / Plein airs

With the shorter days it is getting harder to get out after work, so I have been setting up still lifes. Here are two I did this past week. 

Sharon and I ended up at Saw Mill Ponds again today. We walked in a bit further to this spot. 

The air was much clearer today so I was able to see and paint the snow in the mountains. The biggest snow field is Arapaho glacier nestled in between north and south Arapaho peaks.

Weds. night figure.

I am going back packing in Utah next weekend and in preparation, found this cool little water color kit. The oils are way too heavy to take back packing. These are my first two paintings with the new kit. It should be perfect for my trip.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I painted some cups this week. My friend Karen lent me some books with paintings of everyday objects. It inspired me. So here are some paintings of our cups and dishes.
 This exercise was very interesting. There are many different shades and colors in such a simple object. I didn't get them all, so I am sure to try more of this.

These things have hung above my side of the bed for years and years. A friend gave both me and Debbie our own set. I noticed them the other day while looking for something to paint. When I finished the under painting, I thought it looked so nice I couldn't get myself to paint over it.

I did this this afternoon. It is from behind my friends near Nederland.

This of course is from Weds. night. I took my time and didn't worry about ever getting any color down.