Sunday, October 26, 2014

pretty productive week

I painted a lot this week. It was great!
Weds afternoon I had off so I joined a figure group that meets in the afternoon and painted this. I think it is my best portrait to date. I really like it when they just fall out of the brush like this one did.

 Friday was another good day to not have to work. I went out to Saw Hill Ponds with Sharon.

Monday evening I tried to catch some last light at the bottom of Coal Creek Canyon.
 Weds evening figure. sorry about the poor photo.
 My uncle was a photographer when he was alive. My Aunt shared some of his portraits on one of my visits. this past week I dug them out and tried to do some painting from them. The photos are black and white. I am attempting to paint in color with limited success.

 Saturday night I ventured outside and painted my first plein air night scene. I am hoping to do more of this this winter. It is tricky getting my eyes to adjust from the lit easel to the darkness of night. I tried closing my left eye and using my right to paint. then closing my right eye and using my left to study my subject. this worked pretty well, but it is hard to see the depth of my brush touching the canvas with just one eye.
another quick study of some fleeting light in front of our house.

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