Sunday, December 7, 2014

December unemployment

My Job has me unemployed for a couple of months. Consequently I get to paint a lot. Here are a few from the last couple of weeks. This first was done in the studio. I enjoyed remembering colors and values to improve on the photo I was working from.
 From last Weds night.
 Thursday My friend Chala set up this model for the full day. I personally find beauty in all sorts of different body types. It was a fun day.

 This is from a PACC paint out in south Denver I went to last week.
 My Brother Dan hired me to do a portrait of his well loved and well missed dog Moot.
 Another portrait from this past week.
 A still life from a Tuesday afternoon study group I have been able to participate in since I'm not working. The light on this one is working remarkably well. I need to fix the fact that the picture on the page doesn't follow the edge of the page.
 This is a barn out on Teller Farm east of boulder.
 Earlier that morning I painted the Elementary School on the corner of 20th and Pine in Boulder. I believe it is called Whittier. Again the light is working quite well on this one

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