Sunday, July 22, 2012

portraits and pleinair

Today we painted at a place called Sawmill ponds. Our friend from class, Jim joined us. This is a view west of the Arapaho Glacier. I'm thinking it turned out pretty good.I can see now that I still have to be careful with my values. The back ground is just a tad too dark. 
I am including this photo so you can see what we had to paint from. It's not such a bad place to spend a Sunday Morning.

This is a portrait of my friend Randy. It doesn't look very much like him, but the point of the painting was to see if I could incorporate what I have been observing painting from life into a painting done from a photo. It turned out far different from what I would have done a year ago. The colors are much more pure and the values aren't as washed out. In this painting I also tried to work on my edges, trying to soften them in places.

This portrait was done Weds. night in figure drawing. The edges are a bit sharp. I also want to improve on my brushstroke quality. 

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