Monday, December 17, 2012

Windy and cold pleinair

Yesterday Sharon and I braved the cold and wind to paint in Boulder canyon. This is the back side of Castle rock. We were both pretty cold by the end of two hours. A big gust of wind hit us right at the end which sprayed dirt and dust all over my painting. Who says painting can't be extreme?
Friday I approched one of my neighbors and asked if it was alright to paint on his property. He was very nice and said I was welcome on his land anytime
 Sat. I went onto his property and painted this. It is neat that I have more options at home for plein air.
 This is from Weds. night. It is quite a bit larger than I am use to working at 24x16 .
 I have been working on this painting for several days. It too is 24x 16. I wanted to see if I can work this big taking my time and still make it look as spontanious as a smaller painting I do in one sitting. I still have the angle to work on. It should be done in time for next weeks blog.

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