Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Mexico

I went to see my Aunt and Uncle in New Mexico over the holidays. While there  I got to do a little painting. We drove around a bit and found some beautiful lonely places. This is one I went back to yesterday afternoon to paint. It is larger than I have been working at 16x 13. I was surpprised that it fell together as quickly as a 8x10.

This is a little mono tone painting I did before I left town of a Christmas orniment a friend gave us years ago.
 On the way down to New Mexico, I pulled off of interstate 25 on exit 64 and painted this.
 Aunt Joyce and Uncle Darrell have a lot of cool stuff including ceramic sculptures of different kinds of animals. I was taken with this one of an elk and stayed up one night to paint this mono tone of it
  One day we went down to the Quarai ruins and I painted this. It was cold and windy which made for difficult painting. I had a lot of cleaning up to do on this one later that night.

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